The following care advice and information is for guideline purposes only.  Failing to care for your hair extensions properly can severely affect the lifespan of your hair extensions.  Human hair extensions are prone to becoming dry due to the hair not getting the natural oils from your scalp the way you own hair does.  Human hair extensions can be heat styled and coloured (no bleach).  However, please be aware that this can also affect the lifespan of the hair. Below are some simple tips to ensure you get the longest use possible out of your hair extensions and prevent them from becoming dry/frizzy.

  • Wash your hair extensions as infrequently as possible, only when needed.  Just co-wash (condition only) if you can get away with it.  Always detangle the hair prior to washing using a wide tooth comb or hair extension/wig brush (wig brushes available for £7.50).  When brushing combing always start from the bottom and work your way up brushing gently.  Never tug or pull on the hair.  Use a SULPHATE FREE shampoo and conditioner.  Wash in lukewarm water.  Do not rub the hair when shampooing.  When conditioning run conditioner through lengths and ends and finger comb through.  Never brush the hair when wet.  Blot dry with a towel and let the hair dry naturally.
  • If heat styling, ALWAYS use a high-quality heat protection spray.  Try to use a low heat setting.
  • Keep the hair moisturised by using an Argan or Moroccan oil.  Pure Virgin Coconut oil is a great natural oil to use however please use sparingly to avoid the hair looking greasy.
  • Pure Virgin Coconut oil can also be used as a deep conditioning treatment.  Apply to the hair and store in an airtight bag overnight to replace moisture.  Make sure the coconut oil is rinsed thoroughly from the hair, again to avoid it looking greasy.
  • Before storing your hair extensions ensure they are completely dry and tangle free.  Store them laying flat in a plastic bag/packet or airtight container, away from sunlight.

Hair extensions remain at their best when treated kindly.  Use heat styling tools sparingly, choose the right hair care products and get expert help, if needed.

The three biggest hair extension mistakes are over washing, styling wet extensions and sleeping in them.

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